The Owner. The designer. The developer. I'm Christina and I live in this amazing little bubble that allows me to use my creative gift to help people convey their passions on the web. Although being artsy 24/7 would be amazing, I take time out of the day to pursue my fitness goals, read from the current bestsellers list, and enjoy the warmth of the sun in a kayak on the lake or glimpses of it's rays shining between the trees on our hikes. You may also find me smelling of burnt hickory a morning after I've enjoyed a fire outside my tent under the stars. The translation. If that seemed Greek, don't fret. It's just geek. When I was a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I was educated in a broad spectrum of design and web needs. With that said, I hold strong skills in Adobe designing software, which is used to create logos, images, photo corrections, and custom social media assets for your business. I use Edge Animate and Flash to create interactive animations for your web page. And, well, the gibberish about HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS... That's the coding behind every web page that makes it's appearance and the page functional in your web browser.
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Dice's Little Treasures Dice's Little Treasures is an antiquing business owned by Larry McClay. Larry was using a business card template he found on a print website and became frustrated when many other business owners were handing out the same card design as his at the auctions and flea markets he attended regularly around the state. Larry was in need of customization. With his business well established within the local community for years without the use of a logo, we decided to take an unique approach. Although Larry was previously committed to a red/black color representation, he loved this concept when it was offered. Dice's Little Treasures business cards were designed in Adobe Photoshop.
HTML5, XHMTL, XML CSS, CSS3 PHP, JavaScript Illustrator Photoshop Edge Animate SEO User Experience
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Moore Renovations LLC Moore Renovations LLC is an entrepreneur based home & business renovations company. The company was looking for a minimal theme that was unique to their company and incorporated the company's trademarked dark blue and gray colors. The page is developed in HTML5 with PHP features and minor JavaScript development was implemented.
Kelly Geist Learning Center Kelly Geist Learning Center is a child center dedicated to the developmental progress of a child to prepare them for school. The owner, Kelly Moore, was in need of a logo her community could identify her business with. Kelly had an admiration for children's hand prints and primary colors. With these few details, I was able to produce a logo that fit Kelly's desires within 5 design concepts and 6 typography choices. The logo was developed in Adobe Illustrator.
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